Regional Cancer Care Northwest serves diverse patient population with the OIN:myCancerGuide

Regional Cancer Care Northwest (RCCNW) has taken a progressive step in providing cancer patients with online support by implementing the Oncology Interactive Navigator (OIN). This will be a dramatic change for the thousands of patients in this region who are living with cancer.

Using all cancer websites that the OIN covers, RCCNW is achieving its Cancer Plan (2011-2015) goal to offer patients reliable online information about their disease in order to reduce anxiety and foster active participation in their care.

The tool is being warmly welcomed by patients and professionals alike.

Kathy Forbes, a two-time cancer survivor and Patient and Family Advisor at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, expressed her appreciation of the OIN at the media launch. “That first appointment is a whopper,” she said. “It’s good to know that when you get home you can review what was said and find information to help understand and to help make decisions.”

Dr. Mark Henderson, Executive Vice-President Chronic Disease Prevention and Management and Regional Vice President Cancer Care Ontario, noted that it was a big milestone to adopt the OIN. “We are evolving from a disease-centred approach of simply ‘fixing’ patients toward treatment as a partnership between provider and patient to promote total well-being.”

One of the challenges of healthcare is supporting people diagnosed with cancer, but who are miles away from a cancer centre. The OIN will help the regional cancer program to support local patients, as well as those in remote communities. By providing early support and answers, it can help reduce distress and anxiety as soon as people are diagnosed.

Jack Digital Productions worked closely with professionals at RCCNW to tailor the OIN to the diverse and dispersed patients now using the tool.

“Our collaboration has been a great experience and I couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Murray Rochon, president of JDP. “Now cancer patients in Northwestern Ontario can easily find the right information, relevant and helpful to them at any time throughout the cancer journey, all through one comprehensive tool.”

Receiving positive feedback from so many people keeps the team at JDP passionate about continuing to enhance and shape the patient experience. Together with patients and healthcare professionals everywhere, the team looks forward to bringing about more positive change.

(Dec 2012)