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For organizations with diverse groups of skilled employees, Courseware is the cost-effective, flexible eLearning solution to your training, orientation & certification needs.

Complete educational modules can be developed to meet a specific need or we can tailor your existing material into Courseware's engaging interactive format and extend the reach.

Easy-to-use and requiring no training, Courseware has no additional staffing costs. Trainers and educators will appreciate the usable and sophisticated tracking and grading.

Contact us for a demonstration of how Courseware can help you easily manage the consistency and competency of your staff.

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Custom Content

You can choose from our ever growing list of training titles or see your own training binders and slides come to life with help from our team of writers, editors and interactive designers.

Comprehensive & Engaging

This is content that learners want to use. Tailored to clear and specific objectives, it merges comprehensive content with interactive elements, poignant graphics and stepwise process design to engage the user throughout the curriculum.

Progress At-a-Glance

Administrators can easily monitor students' progress and completion status from their desktop. Students have their current progress and curriculum next steps clearly displayed on their home page.